ALONG THE WAY, 2013. Courtesy the artist and YSP Image 1 of 4
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GOOD INTENTIONS, 2015. Courtesy the artist and YSP Image 2 of 4
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FINAL DAYS, 2013. Courtesy the artist and YSP Image 3 of 4
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SMALL LIE, 2013. Courtesy the artist and YSP Image 4 of 4
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Open-air until 20 November 2016
The historically designed landscape of YSP remains home to a series of monumental and imposing sculptures by KAWS following the artist's first UK museum exhibition of work, which closed at Longside Gallery on 12 June 2016.

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Brooklyn-based KAWS is considered one of the most relevant artists of his generation. Within the Pop Art tradition, he has created a prolific body of influential work, which both engages young people with contemporary art and straddles the worlds of art and design to include street art, graphic and product design, paintings, murals and large-scale sculptures. 
KAWS developed a passion for popular culture in art and design early in life and studied illustration at the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan in the early 1990s. By then he was already well versed in graffiti, having frequently tagged walls and freight trains with the letters K A W S. KAWS continued developing his visual vocabulary conceiving his soft skull with crossbones and crossed-out eyes, which would become a signature gesture. After college, he worked as a freelancer for animations studios, which further catalysed his appropriation of iconic characters from popular culture and comic books. 
KAWS regularly exhibits in museums and galleries internationally and his work continues to appeal to a loyal fan base as well as the commercial sector. He has collaborated with industry leaders including Nike, Vans, MTV and Kanye West.

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Amazing stunning work. My wife and I love the outdoor pieces so much. They bring out the child in you. Fantastic, I'll be gutted when they are removed.😫😫
John Hurst on KAWS | See all (4) comments
Eccentric pieces of art, a must see when at YSP. They capture your Imagination when you walk up to the sculptures. It's like Disney meets "donnie darko" Emma Robb on KAWS
The giant sculptures, familiar in their outward appearance, seem to exhibit a troubled and tormented inner life... monumental and shocking in their shared grief... a powerful and almost disturbing experience. Stephen Ripley on KAWS
This has been my 4th visit to gather pictures for my Facebook page Barnsley & Surrounding Districts I have to say I have loved all my visits but Kaws made the 4th visit the best. The Kaws pieces made me smile and the are so BIG. John Crossley on KAWS

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