MOTY 2014 Winner

Leo Fitzmaurice Arcadia

Arcadia consists of four signs in different locations at YSP, with different characteristics, ranging from the entry point to the expanses of Lower Park. In the signs, Fitzmaurice works with the sculptural quality of words; the architecture of letters. He considers ideas of arcadia – a utopian region of contentment – and in so doing questions what has made and makes a place like the Bretton Estate, and how we choose to experience it.


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The signs mimic UK road signage systems: motorway blue; heritage brown; hazard yellow; town and village white. By placing them at these points, the artist distorts our familiarity with this category of sign which is commonly designed to give us information or point us in certain directions. In his work, Fitzmaurice makes a space in which we can consider the function and meaning of such signs.

Leo Fitzmaurice won the Northern Art Prize 2011

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