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Location: Open air. Drop in all day. Some events bookable. See below for full details
Adults free
Children free

This event is not bookable online, read information below for details.

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Join YSP for YMEDACA by artist Hester Reeve, a one-day experimental academy taking inspiration from the very first university established by Plato in Ancient Greece. 

Reeve has invited seven local groups that have all been formed by individuals dedicated to activities that enrich their own lives, to devise a series of events, known as ‘liberalational manoeuvres’, for her pop-up, which will run from dawn till dusk across the Park.

(Drop in between the times below, unless booking is advised)

On the Good (The Official Opening of YMEDACA)
06.00 / Country Park / Free but bookable (refreshments included)

The artist will officially open the academy to the public at dawn in YSP's Country Park with Theosarch’s address / public speech. Book online

Drop in over the day, some activity is bookable

Practices of Transcendence over the Mundane – Practice #1
Hand Tools United
09.30–12.30 / Cascade Bridge, Lakes / Free / Drop in

Practices to Honor the Recently Dead
The Royal British Legion, Barnsley
10.00–17.00 / Formal Garden / Free / Drop in

Practices of Transcendence over the Mundane – Practice #2
Hand Tools United
11.00–17.00 / YSP Learning / Free / Drop in

At 15.00 ‘Guardian’ Joe Moore of Hand Tool Users United will lead a free tour of the group’s liberalational manouevre and share his experience of the life-enriching value of using hand tools, how making with the hands changes a sense of time and introduce you to some of the members of the group. Book online

Wakefield Pagan Moot
11.00–17.00 (16.00 Group Pagan Spiral Dance) / Walking route to Longside Gallery / Free / Drop in

At 11.30 'Guardian’ Steve Jones of West Yorkshire Pagan Meet Up will lead a free walking-talking-thinking tour and share his self-taught expertise in relation to relevant aspects of the old Bretton Estate. Book online

Spherical Geography
West Yorkshire Astronomical Society
11.00–17.00 / Country Park / Free / Drop in

At 14.00 ‘Guardian’ Gary Leslie of West Yorkshire Astronomical Society will lead a free on a walking-talking-thinking tour of the YSP grounds in relation to specially pitched locations indicating the exact position of the planets in the heavens above, which ends at 'Pluto' with refreshments. Book online

Ring of Gyges
The Magick Lounge Club
11.00–16.30 / Greek Temple, Upper Lake / Free / Drop in

Harmony and Hymns to Eros
Cantabile choir
11.30, 13.45 & 17.00 / Lakes (Meet at the Boathouse) / Free

Gymnasium & Naked Exercise – A talk and life drawing class
Yorkshire Sun Society
14.30–17.00 / Free but bookable Book online
(Contains nudity during talk and life drawing class)

19.00–20.30 / Free but bookable (refreshments available)
A symposium (often known as 'drinking parties') exploring the subject of living wisdom. The symposium will lead to the closing event, The Sacrifice to Athena. Book online

Sacrifice to Athena
20.30 / Free but bookable Book online

Visit the official YMEDACA website here