Alec Finlay: Avant-Garde English Landscape

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06.10.04 - 17.04.06
Linked by light, words and shared meaning, this body of work suggests the breadth of Finlay's practice, and the approach that he has developed with the landscape, staff and visitors to YSP. The works include olive oil, fruit grafts, black tulips, crossword clues and bird boxes, and a series of word drawings.

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They invite people to consider nature in a number of ways: the sciences of botany and nomenclature; the economy of agriculture, husbandry and genetics; cryptic thinking and poetry. The projects are 'microtonal': small points of interest are scattered over the entire field of the Park landscape; points of time; a multi-layered mapping.

Mesostic Herbarium
The language of flora is one of beauty and healing. The idea that names are magical and conceal secret knowledge has always been with us. As part of this project, visitors were invited to compose one or more mesostic poems using the names of flora. A mesostic is written with the letters of a chosen plant's name forming a 'stem' from which single-word lines branch out. By researching plant lore and the healing effects of herbs and flower remedies the mesostic poems were able to reveal some of the hidden properties of the plant chosen.

Fall consisted of windfall apples (from the Bothy Garden) bandaged in woven name tape, stitched with the litany, fall fall fall...

Alec Finlay's residency projects this year included Turning Toward Living, a maquette for a wind turbine and lightboxes from the growing archive of Wind Blown Clouds, one of Alec's participation projects.