Alison Cooper: Write to Roam

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01.07.13 - 30.09.13
Country Park
YSP’s Country Park is animated by Alison Cooper’s project Write to Roam this summer as a flock of sheep are sprayed with individual words inspired by research around the heritage and ancient grazing land of the Bretton Estate.

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As the sheep move, lie and graze they create chance groupings of words, both sensible and absurd. Visitors are encouraged to explore the landscape taking inspiration and humour from the constantly evolving formation of phrases, sentences and interactions.

Following successful trials elsewhere, Cooper has worked with YSP Archive to develop this project for the specific history and site of the Park. Cooper works in collaboration with graphic designer Robert Hurst. 


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My visit to the Yorkshire sculpture park was amazing , i really enjoyed looking round and found the day very interesting
Josie Newburn on Alison Cooper: Write to Roam | See all (3) comments
This looks remarkably similar to a project that Valerie Laws carried out in 2002 and which received a lot of press coverage at the time. Tina Winter on Alison Cooper: Write to Roam
It’s not uncommon for practitioners from many disciplines to arrive at similar situations through different routes and any parallels with Valerie Laws’s Quantum Sheep are coincidental. Adapting the widespread and visually familiar farming technique of writing on and marking animals is a simple idea and not unique. For example Wim Delvoye has tattooed pigs since 1992 and Banksy wrote words on animals including sheep for his Turf War exhibition in 2003. Nina at YSP on Alison Cooper: Write to Roam

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