Amp Art: Refuge/e

Bira Mohammed Yasin and Hassan Kaheel with Refuge/e, 2017. Courtesy Yorkshire Sculpture Park and Amp Art. Photo © Jonty Wilde Image 1 of 5
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Amp Art, Refuge/e, 2017. Courtesy Yorkshire Sculpture Park and the artists. Photo © Jonty Wilde Image 2 of 5
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18.03.17 - 26.03.17
Refuge/e is a new project that transports a shelter from Lebanon to locations around the UK, giving visitors a first-hand sense of what it is to be a Syrian refugee in the Middle East. The installation begins a UK tour at Yorkshire Sculpture Park (YSP).

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Learning first-hand from displaced Syrians, Amp Art, an anthropological art collective, constructed the shelter using a combination of emergency shelter kits and local materials. The tent is furnished with plaster and brass casts of possessions typically found in these homes and is covered with old plastic advertising boards, now used for insulation.
Through the space, visitors will hear the unfiltered voices of refugees speaking about their daily experiences, illustrating the struggle for normality – cooking, cleaning and learning – amid the fragments of displaced lives.

Following its presentation at YSP, Refuge/e travels to Millennium Gallery Sheffield (4–9 April) BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art, Gateshead (12–17 April), and a major London venue to be announced shortly (Refugee Week, 19–25 June). 

Supported by Arts Council England, UNHCR, the British Council and the Art Fund.


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I have not seen it yet but saw some of the prepared plaster casts of clothes etc., it is a great idea; I saw recently in the London free paper a man, covered in white dust from the bombing of his home, rubble everywhere, one chair left for him to sit on, a massive gap where there once was a wall seemed to have parallels with the present 'sculpture'; the realness of this project makes you experience how real people's lives have been taken away from them; the label refugee is too impersonal and this project makes you experience that; there are parallels in own society ie people having to go to food banks; living on the streets....projects like this should keep us sensitised: yes we all have problems but they should never let us lose our empathy for those people where events etc turn their lives on their head.
Doreen on Amp Art: Refuge/e | See all (4) comments
Can we have more of this in the mainstream news, a real attempt to show what is happening and what people are experiencing. We are all one world, this could be any of us or our family jennie white on Amp Art: Refuge/e
I would urge every visitor to see this if they can. Standing inside the shelter and seeing how refugees live is a very moving experience. It's very different from seeing a few seconds' footage on the News. Thank you for hosting this installation. Harriet on Amp Art: Refuge/e
I visited saturday 25/03/2017. I hope you have a great reception in Sheffield and Gateshead. It was good to talk to you two gentlemen, I hope that your wish to return to Syria when the war is over comes soon. Thank you for your time and good luck, I wish more could be done to help but this will raise public awareness. Ralph on Amp Art: Refuge/e

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