Andy Goldsworthy: Parkland

Dandelion Circle, 1987 Image 1 of 3
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Goldsworthy Residency, 1987 Image 3 of 3
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01.01.87 - 31.12.87
In 1987, Andy Goldsworthy visited YSP during each season over the course of one year. The result of the project was presented at the Park.

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Goldsworthy used the season’s individual effects on the environment and created forms within the landscape using natural materials. The work could only be temporary as the pieces would biodegrade or melt with the weather.

Goldsworthy was born in 1956 in Cheshire. He grew up in Yorkshire where he made his first outdoor sculptures, later moving to Lancashire and Cumbria. He now lives and works in Dumfriesshire. In 1987, he reaffirmed his association with Yorkshire by working as an artist in residence at YSP, as well as broadening his working landscape by visiting Japan. In 1988-89 he undertook projects in the USA, Denmark, France, Holland and Italy.

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