Anthony Caro: The Trojan War

Sarpedon, 1993-94 Image 1 of 2
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The Trojan War, 1993-94 Image 2 of 2
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25.11.94 - 29.01.95
Pavilion Gallery
This highly acclaimed body of work, presented in Anthony Caro's 70th birthday year, was his first series of narrative sculptures.

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The sculptures were created in stoneware with Hans Spinner in Grasse, France. Caro pressed found objects into beautifully formed, heavy clay pieces and to these, metal and wood were later added.

The sculptures allude to the gods and heroes of Homer’s great epic poem The Iliad, and powerfully evoke many of the characters of Greek myths, although in unfamiliar and sometimes shocking images, which suggest the brutality of war.

Caro made two new pieces, The Trojan Horse and Skaian Gate especially for YSP's former Pavilion Gallery where this stunning exhibition was dramatically lit and staged.