Barry Flanagan

Large Left-Handed Drummer, 2006 Image 1 of 3
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25.11.10 - 30.06.11
Formal Terrace
A new display on the Formal Terrace celebrates the work of eminent British sculptor Barry Flanagan (1941-2009). Three bronze sculptures – Elephant (1986), Hare and Bell (1988) and Large Left-Handed Drummer (2006) – are fine examples of his style; playful without being whimsical or sentimental.

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Flanagan began modelling hares in the 1970s, citing a number of reference points that led him to what would become a recurring motif in his work, including the 1972 book, The Leaping Hare by George Ewart Evans, that charts every aspect of the life and legend of the wild hare. In late 1979, the first of his trademark hares was cast in bronze, he then developed the theme over the next 30 years, giving his hares an energy and character that echo human emotions and traits.
Flanagan’s work has been the subject of numerous exhibitions all over the world, including Barry Flanagan: The Names of the Hare at YSP in 1992. 


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Snow-covered Elephant & Hares. How delightful!!!!
Anny Casbolt on Barry Flanagan | See all (3) comments
Hare and bell sculpture - so great to see the pictures here! Lizzy Ellis on Barry Flanagan
His sculpture, Elephant, made from bronze, really caught my eye. I think that it looks like a peaceful animal, despite it’s a bulky, clumsy elephant. This may be to show that all of creation are as loving as each other. I think that the elephant looks peaceful because of its small size, how its limbs, tail and trunk look like they would have been jollily swinging, and how the snow has passively just landed on the quiet beast. Sophie on Barry Flanagan

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