Carlos Garaicoa

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02.07.05 - 23.10.05
Carlos Garaicoa is one of Cuba's leading contemporary artists. His work is representative of a generation of artists brought up under Castro's regime, the fall of communism in the Soviet Bloc, and the subsequent global challenges Cuba now faces without support from the USSR.

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His installations, models, films and photographs are beautiful, poignant explorations of faded glory and decaying architecture: the physical reality of political idealism.

Garaicoa reveals the spirit that makes somewhere unique, examining the essence of a place in relation to its inhabitants and their collective experience. This exhibition is Garaicoa's first UK solo show and features works that focus on different aspects of built environments.

YSP's exhibition was linked to a display of a proposed project in Castleford, 15 minutes drive from YSP. Greatly affected by industrial decline, the town is now the subject of a regeneration initiative, partly funded by Channel 4 who made a series of documentaries about the project.

Carlos Garaicoa featured in the 2003 Havana Biennale, the 2004 Sao Paolo Biennale and in 2005 at the Venice Biennale, Moscow Biennale and ARCO, Madrid.


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