Caroline Locke: Sound Fountains

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12.07.12 - 15.07.12
Caroline Locke had a residency in the Chapel 12-15 July, when she installed Sound Fountains as a continuation of her ongoing research and development around this piece, further extending the work’s interactive potential. Sound Fountains pass sound waves through water, allowing the viewer to ‘see’ sound. Throughout the installation visitors were able to trigger different sound sequences via motion sensors connected to the fountains, build soundscapes and explore waveforms on the water’s surface.

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A connected work, Sound Inventory continues until 30 September in the concourse of the Centre. Locke has recorded sounds from around the world for almost two decades. Some of these processed samples are then passed through water and captured using digital stereomicroscopy to create beautiful and intriguing images, each revealing a clear visual relationship with the original sound source. Each sound, place of recording, date and time is notated in an inventory chart.

A new publication will be available in September featuring text by John Newling and an interview with the artist by YSP Deputy Curator Sarah Coulson.

Locke is a Principal Researcher within The Digital and Material Arts Research Centre at The University of Derby. 


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mysterious and beautiful. Where will it move to, I want everyone to experience this.
fiona gorman on Caroline Locke: Sound Fountains | See all (3) comments
I visited this exhibition on Sunday July 15th. I have to say along with all the attractions / exhibits at YSP that this was my highlight. It was tech, science, art, aurally pleasing with intelligence and fun. I loved it. Thank you. Tim Applegarth on Caroline Locke: Sound Fountains
Beautiful and moving as ever lovely Caroline Natasha Mangion on Caroline Locke: Sound Fountains

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