Chatwin:Martin 'Every third mouthful...'

16.09.06 - 18.02.07
The title of this fascinating exhibition, combining art and science, comes from the fact that ‘every third mouthful of food we eat is dependent upon the unmanaged pollination services of bees’.

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The art partnership Peter Chatwin and Pamela Martin conducted field research with leading entomologists. They found that human activity affecting the biodiversity and habitats of wild indigenous bees has brought about their decline. This, in turn, threatens world-wide food supply. Such concerns are conveyed through wall-based works made from layers of wood veneer, worked back to reveal strata of colour and texture. These are shown alongside photographic works that combine text with images from international study trips.

Funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Board; Arts Council England; Manchester Metropolitan University. Sponsored by the Oxford Bee Company; Penzo Graphic; Bee Works, USA.


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