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01.09.11 - 30.09.11
YSP is delighted to be working with the Live Art Development Agency on DIY08, a development programme that gives artists working in Live Art the opportunity to conceive and run training and professional development projects for other artists.

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YSP is hosting a project, A Line Made by Walking Without Marking the Earth, led by artist Daniel Belasco Rogers, which responds to the landscape and explores new ways to think about the open air. Daniel examines ideas around geographical environment and personal history through performance, drawing, fine art, video, locative media and writing. In 2003 he began to map his journeys using Global Positioning Systems (GPS), tracing his wanderings across the surface of the earth with his body.

As part of the DIY08 project, Daniel will lead GPS workshops at YSP, combining talks covering the theory of GPS, concentrating on its practical application and the work of artists in the field, with practical demonstration and exploration in the open air.

The Live Art Development Agency is the leading development organisation for Live Art in the UK, working to support and develop the Live Art sector, its practices, discourses, infrastructure and audiences.


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