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01.04.14 - 11.06.14
Visiting Artist
Born in Newcastle upon Tyne, David Murphy is a young British sculptor who approaches his work with an instinctive sensitivity for the innate qualities and characteristics of materials. David will be on site for two months this year, using the time to make new works.

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Murphy’s work often explores the qualities and patterns of organic structures found in nature. Like a lens, he zooms in and out of woven fabric, foliage or cells, revealing their hidden form. His abstract compositions incorporate a palette of ‘in-between’ colours, subtle enough to inform our understanding of the forms without overpowering their experience.

Earlier this year he exhibited as part of Gerson Zevi Pop-Up: The London Project Goes North in YSP's Garden Gallery, featuring a selection of original 2D and sculptural work from some of today's most interesting young artists. 

For The London Project, Murphy presented new works on paper alongside Untitled (Gathering), a sculpture intended to be placed on a floor or table. Constructed from steel that is bent and woven through rings, the resultant form is an intricate composition of coiled, concentric circles. Murphy’s sculptures often appear like drawings in space, flattened by perspective, the play between line and volume, space and lightness being essential to their appreciation. In contrast, his two-dimensional works often, and effectively, create the illusory effect of a moulded three-dimensional surface. 

His first solo show in London, David Murphy: Certain Impacts, is a presentation of recent drawings and sculpture and is at PEER until 17 May 2014.

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