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05.10.12 - 06.10.12
YSP is delighted to be working with the Live Art Development Agency on DIY09, a development programme that gives artists working in Live Art the opportunity to conceive and run training and professional development projects for other artists. This year the project will be led by artist Eloise Fornieles

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YSP is hosting a project, Just stop it and DO, led by artist Eloise Fornieles, focusing on intimacy and endurance in performance, accessing physical and emotive landscapes.

As part of the project Fornieles will lead closed workshops at YSP, resulting in live performance in the open air on Saturday 6 October, based on the explorations from the workshops. Full project details

Eloise Fornieles’ practice is predominantly performance-based. Focusing on one-to-one interventions within installations and soundscapes, she invites audiences to question simple interactions and gestures – from the intimate and profound to the prosaic and banal. This investigation into personal human connections is framed within a broader overview of the relationship between body and environment, and the individual’s place as part of a much larger system. Fornieles’ installations create a space for contemplation, whilst her own emphasis on physical endurance provides a backdrop for a more visceral understanding of the body as material, with its limitations and its capabilities. Engaging with strands of mythology, ritual and storytelling, and often depicting animals, she teases out the symbolic resonances that hold meaning within our everyday interactions.

The Live Art Development Agency is the leading development organisation for Live Art in the UK, working to support and develop the Live Art sector, its practices, discourses, infrastructure and audiences.


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