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21.07.16 - 31.07.16
Dreams’ Time Capsule is a research and participatory project that first began in 2011 and attempts to create an international audio archive of dreams, collected from visitors during public events in museums, universities and art spaces.

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Taking the Jungian concept of Collective Unconscious, where structures of the unconscious mind are shared among beings of the same species, the project attempts to create a source to understand the archetypes that surface in dreams, through different religions, traditions, or geographical areas.

In every collection point anthropologists and psychologists are invited to give scientific contributions to the research, in consideration of the cultural traditions, folktales, languages and narrative styles that could be conserved on the “oneiric” matrix.
More than 1200 dream testimonies have been collected so far in different countries from Europe, Latin America, the Middle East and Africa. Visitors are invited to step inside the mobile work of public art and donate their own dream - a dream that they remember, but they cannot understand - which will go on to be analysed by the artist and a team of researchers.
Dreams’ Time Capsule will visit YSP from 21 – 31 July and is the first time the project has appeared in the UK.
About Eva Frapiccini
Visual artist Eva Frapiccini lives and works in Turin, Italy and Leeds, UK. Her research experiments with language and its invisible ways of expression using a variety of media and methodologies: slide projections, video and sound installations, film, photography and performance.
Her works are included in a number of institutional collections such as the Castello di Rivoli, Sandretto Re Rebaudengo Foundation; MAMbo, Museum of Modern Art of Bologna, Fondazione Fotografia di Modena, the Monza Civic Collections. From 2011 to 2015, she was Associate Lecturer at the Fine Art Academy of Bologna, IED - European Institute of Design in Turin, and tutor at the Master of Fine Arts Imaging in Modena. She currently is undertaking a practice-based Ph.D. in Fine Art at the University of Leeds.