George Rickey

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19.09.82 - 29.11.82
Camellia House and open air
In 1982 there was a major open air exhibition of George Rickey’s kinetic sculpture at Yorkshire Sculpture Park. The sculptures – ranging in scale from 4’ to 32’ high – were sited around Camellia House and down to the lake.

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The lush green background of Bretton Country Park was reminiscent of Rickey’s garden in East Chatham, New York (where he sited his sculpture). YSP had the space required for the appreciation of the elegant motion of his work. All the sculptures were made from stainless steel. They were never static: the fine blades acted as lines, cutting and slicing space and time, as they responded to the wind and air currents, challenging assumptions about balance and gravity. 

To complement this prestigious exhibition, Bradford Art Galleries and Museums organised a further exhibition of Rickey's work at the Manor House, Ilkley.

George Rickey was one of America’s most celebrated artists. He was honoured by many universities, had exhibited throughout North America, Europe and Japan, and his sculpture has been seen in most of the world’s major galleries. He was also commissioned to make large outdoor sculpture for public places in many parts of the USA and Europe.


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I remember those, I've got a photo of No. 3 with mansion in the background, really enjoyed them.
Malcolm Johnson on George Rickey

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