I Made That From Scratch

03.07.13 - 04.08.13
Boat House, Lower Lake
I Made that from Scratch was an exhibition which was part of the therapeutic art project Breathing Space.

Breathing Space was developed and delivered by Asha Munn, My Artistic Voice in partnership with Yorkshire Sculpture Park (YSP). The project provided a safe art space for vulnerable young people from Yorkshire to come together weekly for a year at YSP.

An art gallery as a location that traditionally exists to display art is perhaps an unusual setting within which to provide therapeutic art. However, as Breathing Space evolved, confidence and sharing strengthened in the group, culminating in a wish to speak to the wider world through the exhibition I Made That From Scratch.

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The partnership between YSP and Asha Munn, was founded on a shared belief in both the benefits of, and connection between, art, landscape and well-being when working with adolescents.

By focusing on the themes of physical and emotional spaces, and also the confusion that comes with being in the physiological space between an adult and child, Breathing Space encouraged an understanding of personal circumstances and the differences in how we are brought up and where we all come from.

Participants shared the experience of being an adolescent in Yorkshire and this created a supportive community environment which enhanced the participants’ confidence and allowed their ideas to take shape.

The title I Made That From Scratch was developed from something one of the participants said about his/her work. It captured a moment of realisation of the possibilities of what could be achieved through the use of art materials.

‘I feel this project has showed me that art is much more than what you see in a gallery. It’s got meaning behind it.’

I Made That From Scratch was exhibited at the Boat House on the edge of Lower Lake at YSP. The building was renovated specifically for the group, and their exhibition was given equal profile alongside the major artists exhibiting at YSP and was the first of its kind for the Learning Programme. Over the summer nearly 4,000 people visited the exhibition.

‘I felt awkward talking to people I didn’t know because some of my work was hard to explain. I also felt proud especially when people said they liked my work.’

In the Breathing Space evaluation, participants spoke of feelings of value and pride. The Private View was well attended and when the participants chose to re-visit the exhibition they casually spoke to members of the public about their work. From YSP Learning to the Boat House, YSP facilitated the link between the internal and the external by presenting a series of separate safe spaces contained within its landscape; the exhibition I Made That From Scratch was an extension of such explorations.

Breathing Space was funded by: Arts Council England and The Liz and Terry Bramall Foundation
Supported by: Leeds College of Art and Design and Victim Support

Breathing Space expands on the success of Asha’s previous projects with YSP My Town and Me Myself and I. My Town was awarded the Platinum award in photography for the Koestler Prize 2010 and also awarded runner up at the Youth Justice Board Awards 2010. Me, Myself and I, was selected for the semi-finals of the National Lottery Awards Best Arts Project. It was also awarded a Special Award for Encouraging Employment at the Koestler Prize 2011.

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