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Alabaster Heads, 2008-10 Image 7 of 10
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09.04.11 - 22.01.12
YSP presents an extraordinary body of new and recent work by renowned Spanish artist Jaume Plensa. Encouraging tactile and sensory exploration, this vibrant exhibition includes a 50-metre curtain of poetry made of suspended steel letters, large illuminated sculptures in the landscape, and engraved gongs that visitors can strike to fill the gallery with sound.

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Plensa’s sculpture gives physical form to the intangible, using the body as a way of exploring what it means to be human and engaging with universal themes: love, memory, language and despair. Other works need the presence of a human body to make them complete, such as Song of Songs. These glass cabins, immersed in coloured light, are only large enough for one visitor to enter and are spaces for solitary contemplation.

Plensa has an international reputation and has completed significant public art projects around the world, including the momentous Crown Fountain (2004) in Chicago. In 2009 he created Dream, a 20-metre high sculpture for St Helens as part of Channel 4’s Big Art Project.

2011 will also see Plensa’s first public art project in New York City. Echo will be presented from 5 May – 14 August 2011 by the Madison Square Park Conservancy. In the UK, Chichester Cathedral recently announced Plensa’s winning proposal for the Hussey Memorial Commission, Together, expected to be unveiled in the Cathedral in 2012.

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This is so cool I love the way it's all made of letters
The art nerds on Jaume Plensa 2011 | See all (37) comments
Such amazing work, left me creatively invigorated! Thanks! Dexuality Valentino on Jaume Plensa 2011
I would love it if you would consider occasionally opening late on long summer evenings. I drive past every day, too late to squeeze a visit in. Erica Madelin on Jaume Plensa 2011
Found myself, quite unexpected, emotionally touched by the Alabaster Heads, like looking at enlightened souls, beautiful and serene, translucent faces seem to hover. Brilliant. Jane Howarth on Jaume Plensa 2011
This is such a visually and inspirationally stunning exhibition. I particular found the Alabaster Heads serene and tranquil and beautifully displayed. Thank you. Kathryn Bailey on Jaume Plensa 2011
This exhibition is truly magical and well worth a visit. I shall certainly return for another look and touch!! We're sooo lucky to have this park in our county. Thanks YSP. W Lewis on Jaume Plensa 2011
I'd like to second Erica's suggestion. I noticed one of the outdoor works by Jaume Plensa had floodlights positioned underneath it, so it would be great to see it lit up at dusk! Anthony Hicks on Jaume Plensa 2011
The alabaster heads were outstanding, I also would like to see some of the works lit at dusk. How about a special event or two for dusk! Graham P on Jaume Plensa 2011
Thought the alabaster heads were especially wonderful. Beautifully lit and gave the impression of being holographs which one could easily walk through. Jill Lemmon on Jaume Plensa 2011
Really fantastic exhibition... sculpture got me into photography and this is one of the best shows I have ever seen. YSP is BRILLIANT Richard Battye, Photographer on Jaume Plensa 2011
Absolutely stunning and uplifting - THE BEST exhibition I have ever seen anywhere - my kids were enthralled and inspired - Really, really beautiful - memorable. Juju Bee on Jaume Plensa 2011
Jaume's work is lively and interactive and I left the exhibition in awe of his work, fantastic I love the way the audience can interact with his sculptures. I wish him all the best for the future and look forward to seeing more of his works Maureen Pickering on Jaume Plensa 2011
Jaume Plensa is stunning... the exhibit overwhelmed me... Virginia Crosby on Jaume Plensa 2011
Jaume Plensa's exhibition at the YSP is absolutely stunning. If only the YSP was near me - nothing like it down south. Hilary Maddock on Jaume Plensa 2011
With my son I spent four hours at YSP and really needed eight. A superb display of modern sculpture and so accessible. The Jaume Plensa exhibits were magical. We will return for a longer visit very soon David Tordoff (Staffordshire) on Jaume Plensa 2011
This is the best exhibition I have ever been to! Thank you Stella J Scott on Jaume Plensa 2011
I have visited YSP on a number of occasions in the past, but this exhibition is literally head and shoulders above the others we have seen. It's great to see art being enjoyed by whole families, including young kids. We're hoping to visit again before the exhibition leaves, but if we don't, at least we bought the hardback guidebook which contains superb photography of the works. Paul Meredith on Jaume Plensa 2011
What a wonderful exhibition, engaging, interactive and captivating. I love his work in Chicago. I will visit YSP again as soon as I can, thank-you, from Australia. Juliet E Tilson on Jaume Plensa 2011
An excellent exhibition. I will come back and take a much closer look. Scott Engering on Jaume Plensa 2011
The alabaster heads - amazing, beautiful, haunting, quite alien! Love to be in that room alone with them. In total silence. Tina Hind on Jaume Plensa 2011
The Jaume Plensa exhibition is absolutely amazing! Well worth a visit. Carol Bradbury on Jaume Plensa 2011
Profoundly provocative. I now have a favorite artist! :D Diana B on Jaume Plensa 2011
Visited twice & intend to come at least once more. Just loved the hugeness & fragility, & being able to touch, & feel part of, some of the pieces. Perfect surroundings. Thanks Pip Cummings on Jaume Plensa 2011
His work is not only beautiful but it's also an expression that reaches out and goes deep into the soul! Truly amazing Alicia Hepple on Jaume Plensa 2011
WOWOWOWOWOWOWOWW is all I can say. Changed my life. My eyes opened for the first time, and I saw what life is. Becky on Jaume Plensa 2011
The Jaume Plensa work at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park was the ultimate experience. Fabulous! Hazel Lale on Jaume Plensa 2011
Jaume Plensa's talk was really interesting and as a result I developed some knowledge about sculpture and public art. I hope the sculpture park receives a permanent piece from him. Liz Harkin on Jaume Plensa 2011
You may be interested in this article on Candid Online http://t.co/GYFc5OX7 David Austin on Jaume Plensa 2011
Visited this exhibition, purely by chance, with my dad: 80 years old, the typical down-to-earth blunt Yorkshireman with no expressed interest in art – and the pair of us were entranced by this exhibition. He's now intending to become a regular YSP visitor! David P on Jaume Plensa 2011
I love this work. In art terms, I am probably considered a bit of a fuddy duddy, but the exhibition at YSP was imaginative, different and memorable. Carole Needham on Jaume Plensa 2011
The Plensa exhibition is the best art installation I have seen, especially the alabaster heads, and the massive gongs you can strike to feel as well as hear the sound. I want to go back! David B on Jaume Plensa 2011
I came on a school trip to Yorkshire Sculpture Park the other day and it was the best day of my life. I loved all the Sculptures and I'm thinking of coming as a present for my birthday! Jessica Slater on Jaume Plensa 2011
OMG OMG. I loved the yorkshire sculpture park so much! I really want to come back to it, I couldn't take my eyes off all the work. I really really want to have a joint birthday party with my pal Jessica Slater. Thank you so much for inventing this sculpture park! My teacher had to drag me away because i loved it that much! Helen Finney on Jaume Plensa 2011
Is this a permanent exhibit? Selena on Jaume Plensa 2011
Hi Selena. Our Jaume Plensa exhibition was in the Underground Gallery and open air back in 2011. We do still have Plensa's illuminated sculpture, La Llarga Nit (2010) at the Park on long-term loan. Yorkshire Sculpture Park on Jaume Plensa 2011
Hi Selena. Our Jaume Plensa exhibition was in the Underground Gallery and open air back in 2011. We do still have Plensa's illuminated sculpture La Llarga Nit (2010) at the Park on long-term loan. Yorkshire Sculpture Park on Jaume Plensa 2011
We absolutely loved this exhibition, so varied and involving. We made a video of our visit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hiQq8GmFiIc Richard Warren and Phil Revels on Jaume Plensa 2011

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