KAWS 2016

Courtesy the artist and Galerie Perrotin
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ALONG THE WAY (2013). Wood, 550 x 448 x 306cm.
Courtesy the artist and More Gallery.
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SMALL LIE (detail) (2013). Wood, 1000 x 464 x 427cm
Courtesy the artist and Galerie Perrotin
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Small Lie, 2013
Courtesy the artist and Galerie Perrotin
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UPS AND DOWNS (detail), 2012
Courtesy the artist. Photo Farzad Owrang
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Longside Gallery Image 7 of 13
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BORN TO BEND, 2013 Courtesy the artist Image 8 of 13
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CLEAN SLATE (foreground), 2014 Courtesy the artist and YSP.
SURVIVAL MACHINE (background), 2015. Courtesy the artist and YSP
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CHUM (left), 2012. Courtesy the artist and YSP Acrylic on canvas over panel.
Courtesy the artist and YSP
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BETTER KNOWING, 2013. Courtesy the artist and More Gallery Image 11 of 13
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Courtesy the artist and More Gallery
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Courtesy the artist
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06.02.16 - 12.06.16
Longside Gallery and open air
This was the first UK museum exhibition of work by the renowned American artist KAWS, whose wide ranging practice includes painting, sculpture, graphic design, toys and prints. The expansive Longside Gallery featured the artist’s large, bright, graphic canvases immaculately rendered in acrylic paint, alongside towering sculptures in fibreglass and wood. The historically designed landscape of YSP became home to a series of monumental and imposing sculptures in KAWS’s trademark style – nostalgic characters in the process of growing up.

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Following the success of KAWS' exhibition in YSP’s Longside Gallery and the open air, the six sculptures – SMALL LIE (2013), GOOD INTENTIONS (2015), AT THIS TIME (2013), BETTER KNOWING (2013), FINAL DAYS (2013) and ALONG THE WAY (2013) remained on display until 20 November 2016, giving visitors a further six months to enjoy them. 

Brooklyn-based KAWS is considered one of the most relevant artists of his generation. Within the Pop Art tradition, he has created a prolific body of influential work, which both engages young people with contemporary art and straddles the worlds of art and design to include street art, graphic and product design, paintings, murals and large-scale sculptures. 
KAWS developed a passion for popular culture in art and design early in life and studied illustration at the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan in the early 1990s. By then he was already well versed in graffiti, having frequently tagged walls and freight trains with the letters K A W S. KAWS continued developing his visual vocabulary conceiving his soft skull with crossbones and crossed-out eyes, which would become a signature gesture. After college, he worked as a freelancer for animations studios, which further catalysed his appropriation of iconic characters from popular culture and comic books. 
KAWS regularly exhibits in museums and galleries internationally and his work continues to appeal to a loyal fan base as well as the commercial sector. He has collaborated with industry leaders including Nike, Vans, MTV and Kanye West.

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Show comments
Looking forward to see a great show of a wonderful artist. Every new show brings something new and always a higher level!!
Etienne Van Wesemael on KAWS 2016 | See all (21) comments
Cannot wait for this Giumis Carrino on KAWS 2016
Sooo excited to see this exhibition, can't wait Joy Fraser-Mumby on KAWS 2016
Excited to see this exhibition Katharine on KAWS 2016
Thoroughly looking forward to feeling dwarfed by these structures. Tarquin on KAWS 2016
I'll wait until Kaws has gone thanks; not very thoughtful is it? Alan Bell on KAWS 2016
Really excited to go see this KAWS exhibition!! Paul Sheard on KAWS 2016
I'm really looking forward to this. Always followed his work online but never had the chance to visit one of his exhibitions Dante on KAWS 2016
What a shame! How could you dare to place this... there are no decent words to describe... along with the works of Henry Moore, Barbara Hepworth, Antony Gormley, Plensa, Miro, and many other great artists. Alex on KAWS 2016
Looks lovely Tracey on KAWS 2016
Went for the instameet yesterday and it blew my mind!! The park is amazing and for K A W S to come down and meet the crowd and then doing signings in the Gallery was mind blowing!! The weather was wild with rain but YSP lined our tummys with bacon baps and tea/coffee and were super hospitable!! Just fantastic 👌 Sinead Flynn (Shinpad on Instagram) on KAWS 2016
Can't wait to take me 3.5 year old daughter to see this. Disappointed by some of the myopic comments. Broaden your mind. James on KAWS 2016
Fantastic exhibition. Lovely family outing. I will be going again. Loved it all. So much. Margaret on KAWS 2016
Visited this park with my brother and sister in law who live close by. Fascinated by the Kaws exhibition in particular though there are delights (and some "is the artist laughing at us") all around this ever developing park. Well worth a visit – lots of walking so art and exercise combined though there is a free shuttle bus to one of the exhibition halls. Great day spent here – restaurant pretty good too. Helen Munro on KAWS 2016
Took our grandchildren aged 7 and 4. They enjoyed the Hepworths and the Frink statues but they LOVED the KAWS exhibition. Art makes children powerful!! Barbara on KAWS 2016
Area spoilt by so called sculpture, Disney has more art, a place where art has been over taken by idiots, thinking that creating something ludicrous is worth money. John Simon Mitchell on KAWS 2016
Fabulous to see these modern sculptures bring art alive for young and old alike. KAWS is admired round the world and great to have his examples of his work outdoors in God's Own County. H on KAWS 2016
Thoroughly enjoyable exhibition. Very contemporary and relevant Joe Ward on KAWS 2016
Loving the negative comments on here from the art snobs, truly amusing. The KAWS exhibition will have done nothing but good to bring sculpture to a much wider (and younger) audience at YSP. I've never felt the need to make the five hour round trip before to visit YSP, but this exhibition was mandatory viewing and did not disappoint! M. Mouse on KAWS 2016
Excellent display. Need to see them up close to appreciate these works of art James on KAWS 2016
Amazing work, and the powerful enigma of the tragic inner lives of the figures behind their disney-esque public faces... sad to see the large figure leave the Park, if the world can bow the shoulders of a giant... poignant statement and a profound experience. Stephen Ripley on KAWS 2016

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