Kenny Hunter

New Lamb, 2005 Image 1 of 4
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Feedback Loop, 2003 Image 2 of 4
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Rise of the Raptors, 2006 Image 3 of 4
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Youth with Split Apple, 2005 Image 4 of 4
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29.07.06 - 05.11.06
This stunning exhibition of new and reworked sculpture, film and text by Glasgow-based artist Kenny Hunter was his largest to date. Featuring works that recall injection-moulded toys, animated cartoons and fashion, his figures, animals and objects from contemporary life were presented as anti-monuments with a still and seamless clarity.

While appearing to be mass-produced, they are painstakingly made using traditional sculptural methods. Hunter constantly questions and responds to the world around him, and his remarkable talent enables him to make startling and thought-provoking works.

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I like his sculptures, they are realistic and amazing.
Alice on Kenny Hunter

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