Lynn Chadwick: Sculpture 1951–1991

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High Wind II, 1988. Photo Jerry Hardman Jones Image 3 of 5
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Pair of Walking Figures, Jubilee, 1977. Photo; Jerry Hardman Jones Image 4 of 5
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29.09.91 - 23.02.92
Pavilion Gallery and open air
In 1991, YSP was proud to announce the opening of a major exhibition of work by Lynn Chadwick, one of Britain’s foremost international sculptors. A large selection of work, which Chadwick had produced over the previous 40 years, was shown here in his first major exhibition in Britain for some time.

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Although Chadwick’s achievements had often been underestimated in this country, overseas the story was very different; he exhibited in most major international galleries and museums and continued to attract the attention of prominent collectors.

YSP's former Pavilion Gallery enabled the inclusion of a number of smaller, earlier works including the 1951 Fisheater mobile, which hadn’t been seen in public since the 1950s. Larger and more recent sculpture was sited in the Park, where the transient light accentuated the subtle details and delicate patination of the bronze surface, amplifying its formal and three-dimensional qualities.

Against the shifting backdrop of the Yorkshire landscape, Chadwick’s sculpture looked quite magnificent and apart from a substantial number of bronzes, the selection included recent steel faceted Beasts made in 1990–91, previously unexhibited in Britain.