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Summer 2015
Visiting Artist
Sound and radio artist Magz Hall has joined YSP for a residency over summer 2015. Magz’s exploration of the artistic potential of radio, outside of conventional settings, has seen her turn ceramic pots, books and now trees in the YSP grounds into radio transmitters. Powered by solar energy, the trees create their own micro FM station, broadcasting a radio wave translation of biological processes and reactions to the environment.

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Visitors can pick up the broadcast on FM radios and on mobile phones – tune in to frequency 97.4  As natural producers of a faint electrical field, a very gentle emission of the broadcast can also be heard through the trees themselves. Keep an ear out near YSP Learning to hear the sound of the trees’ bio-acoustic ‘voices’.



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Why treat a healthy tree with so little respect – this has a high chance of leading to disease entering the tree
P Brown on Magz Hall | See all (2) comments
Nails do not hurt the tree, as this tree surgeon has stated: "I have come across the "copper nail" myth many times. Some years ago, when cutting up the trunk of a typically vigorous poplar, I came across a ring of copper nails. Several inches inside the wood, the tree had enclosed them and carried on growing with no ill effects." (G March). Also I am using small plastic nails to minimise any possible issues to the health of the trees. M Hall on Magz Hall

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