Michael Lyons Artist's Rocks: Echo & Revelation

Michael Lyons, Mountains and Clouds I, 1997 bronze © the artist Image 1 of 2
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Voice of the Mountain: Sudden Storm at Shanghai Sculpture Park Image 2 of 2
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15.06.13 - 01.09.13
Michael Lyons played an important role in the founding of YSP and was a member of the management committee for 15 years from its inception in 1977. This display marks the artist’s 70th birthday and runs concurrently with exhibitions at 108 Fine Art, Harrogate and New School House Gallery, York.

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Lyons’ abstract sculpture ranges from exquisite small-scale pieces to monumental works in steel, copper and bronze, inspired by diverse subject matter including ancient art and culture, myth, and landscape. This display takes inspiration from China to explore a series of dialogues in which materials, place and memory resonate; where vast landscapes are re-imagined, reinvented and recreated as small-scale ciphers for the ungraspable scale of nature, echoing Chinese scholars’ rocks as microcosms of the wider spirit of landscape and its relationship to man. 


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