Miró: Sculptor

Joan Miró, Femme Monument, 1970
© Successió Miró/ADAGP, Paris & DACS, London 2012
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Joan Miró, Personnage Gothique, 1976 © Successió Miró_ADAGP, Paris & DACS, London 2012 Image 2 of 13
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Projet pour un Monument, 1979
© Successió MIró/ADAGP, Paris & DACS, London 2012. Photo Gabriel Ramon
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Joan Miró (A), Tarragonna, Spain, 1948
Copyright by The Irving Penn Foundation
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Joan Miró, Personnage, 1982
© Successió Miró_ADAGP, Paris & DACS, London 2012
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© Successió Miró_ADAGP, Paris & DACS, London 2012 Image 7 of 13
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Oiseau Lunaire, 1966 © Successió Miró/ADAGP, Paris & DACS, London 2012 Image 8 of 13
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© Successió Miró_ADAGP, Paris & DACS, London 2012 Image 9 of 13
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17.03.12 - 06.01.13
Underground Gallery & open air
In collaboration with the artist’s foundations and family, YSP is proud to present the first major UK exhibition of sculpture by Joan Miró, one of Europe’s most important 20th century artists. The exhibition describes the extraordinary wealth of Miró’s sculpture, much of which was made in the second half of his life. With key works set in the landscape, the exhibition fulfils the artist’s desire that “sculpture must stand in the open air, in the middle of nature”.

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Essential summer viewing.” The Sunday Times
An unlikely, upbeat, eye-opening exhibition.” Financial Times
This elegant and civilised art preserve has a wicked old visitor.” The Guardian
The most important exhibition of Miró’s sculpture ever.” Joan Punyet Miró (grandson of the artist)

Many of these outdoor works are rarely seen outside his foundations in Barcelona and Palma de Mallorca and the exhibition is a unique opportunity to experience almost 40 years of sculpture from an intensely creative period.

The Underground Gallery traces the evolution of what Miró referred to as his “phantasmagoric world of living monsters” and includes a number of large, wonderfully vivacious works on paper. In addition, through seldom-seen family photographs, sketches and notes, together with found objects and plasters, we give a fascinating insight into Miró’s working practice.

Though generally less known and critically examined than his painting, Miró came to consider his sculpture as equally important. He was rooted in a deep sense of national identity but these works reflect something far deeper than love for Catalonia, Spain and their people. Often assembled from humble artefacts – bowls, a tap, worn soap, tin-cans, a pebble, a hand-woven basket – they speak of Miró’s profound respect for humanity and are a homage to the richness of simple living.

An exclusive limited edition print accompanies the exhibition and a fully illustrated catalogue is available with texts by the artist’s grandson Emilio Fernández Miró, Pilar Ortega Chapel from the Successió Miró, poet and art critic Jacques Dupin and Peter Murray CBE. A £5 exhibition guide alongside special exhibition merchandise is also available. Shop in store or online.


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I am so excited at the news that Miro's works will be presented for all to view at YSP in March. For me Miro's sculptures are a feast for the eyes with his choice of brilliant colours, and food for the mind with the ambiguous nature of his deigns revealing a primative reality and other worldly sophistication. For me Miro is a true master. Well done YSP. I am really looking forward to yet another ground breaking exhibition.
Pat Kinnersley on Miró: Sculptor | See all (11) comments
Really excited, saw some of Miró's work in Palma. Can't wait to see it so close to home. Good catch! Sue on Miró: Sculptor
Loved seeing his work at Fundacio Joan Miro (The Joan Miro Foundation) in Barcelona, can't wait to come see in the summer!!! Angela Pickles on Miró: Sculptor
The Miro exhibition is the best exhibition I have ever seen and I'll be going back to it. It seems like a gift to have it on our doorstep. Tom on Miró: Sculptor
To think I have often driven on the M1 and have never entered the exhibition until Yesterday. The Miro Exhibition was excellent; the indoor exhibition gave a glimpse into his work which really helped understand the construction and thought behind his work. The setting was magnificent. Celia on Miró: Sculptor
Did not expect to find Miro, unbelievably, in the landscape where he would want to be! Did not know how to react. Like bumping into the queen at a barbeque. We had him all to ourselves, and in the open air. My son grows with this park. For him to see and touch sculpture in front of him in such surroundings will stay with him for the rest of his life. For me, I am gobsmacked every visit by being able to relate to someone like Miro on his own terms. It is like having him appear unexpectedly in the garden, and trying to engage him in conversation. We can stand and talk, or brush past and move on. Only at YSP. Thank you. Lizzie and Kit on Miró: Sculptor
Absolutely wonderful exhibition - I will come again and again and again!!! David Young on Miró: Sculptor
We called in to the YSP on our way home to Dorset from Newcastle. It was a wonderful experience. I had never heard of Joan Miro before and his work blew me away. It was only a flying visit. But it has made us want to return for a much longer visit. I just hope Joan's exhibition will still be there. Best place to visit Carol Abell on Miró: Sculptor
I visited the exhibition with my partner and 6 year old son, who had been working on Picasso at school. It was a shock and delight to him to see the MIró paintings in particular, and to understand that what he had learnt about at school was really a way that real people made real art work in a way that wasn't realistic. We loved it too! Sarah Gillingham on Miró: Sculptor
The excellent Miró exhibition was much more extensive than I expected. It would put some London galleries to shame, e.g. the Whitechapel held a Rothko Retrospective not long ago with just one Rothko Painting. Well done YSP. My only criticism (meant to be constructive) is that I thought some of the labelling was poor Ann O'Brien on Miró: Sculptor
You can watch a short review by young people of the Miró show on Culture Street http://www.culturestreet.org.uk/artstreet/artist.php?id=33 Keith Alexander Culture Street on Miró: Sculptor

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