Old Flames: English Florists' Tulips

Celia Hegadus Tulipa 'Wakefield' Rose Feather, 2004 Image 1 of 1
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06.05.06 - 09.07.06
Wakefield and North of England Tulip Society is the sole surviving tulip society in the UK, established 170 years ago to cultivate and show the English florists' tulip. The bulbs they grow and show are descended from those imported and cultivated in the mid-17th century.

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Through beautiful historical prints, contemporary paintings and photographs, this exhibition illustrated the fascinating history of the plant's cultivation and how it has come to be defined and judged. The show was a fitting celebration of the Society's 170th anniversary year and its own role in the history of the tulip.

The Bretton Estate, which provides the landscape context for the galleries at YSP, has a long history of plant cultivation. A co-inciding display of tulips bloomed in the gardens around the gallery from May.


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