Ossip Zadkine

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21.07.85 - 31.10.85
Open air
In 1985, YSP was proud to announce the first major open-air exhibition of Ossip Zadkine’s sculpture. The exhibition was organised in collaboration with the Zadkine Museum, Paris and was open to the public from July until October 1985.

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This was a unique event and the most important exhibition of his sculpture since the retrospective at the Tate Gallery in 1961. The sculpture was sited on the Formal Terrace and Formal Garden. There were over 30 bronzes covering a period of 25 years work and several were casts of earlier wood carvings, for example, Rebecca carved in 1927. All the work was on loan from the Zadkine Museum, Paris.

Although a French citizen, Zadkine was born on 14 July 1890 in Smolensk, Russia and died in Paris in 1967. He is recognised as a great European Master, perhaps best known for his involvement with Cubism. He ranks aside Laurens, Archipenko and Lipchitz and was concerned with giving three-dimensional form to the early concerns of Picasso, Leger and Braque. However, as the exhibition showed, there was much more to Zadkine than Cubism. The work illustrated the range and variation of his concerns – from his love of reading and writing poetry, to his zest and vitality for life and freedom. In it there is great charm, personality and wit and much of the work exudes emotional intensity and spirituality.


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