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04.07.16 - 17.07.16
Owl Project is a collaborative group of artists consisting of Simon Blackmore, Antony Hall and Steve Symons. The artist collective work with wood and electronics to fuse sculpture and sound art, creating music making machines, interfaces and objects which intermix pre-steam and digital technologies.

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This summer Owl Project will set up a temporary studio in the lakeside Boathouse to develop new work that continues their investigation into early methods of production.  Drawing on influences such as synthesiser culture, Flint Knapping, woodworking and current digital crafts, they will explore how the act and metaphors of spinning thread can be synthesised into music.
Owl Project’s artwork and performances are a quirky and intriguing critique of the allure of technology, and leaving / setting up their temporary studio in the Boathouse after the residency provides an opportunity to experiment with new ways of presenting these ideas in an informal gallery context.
The residency is supported by Arts Council Grants for the Arts Award. The group are developing a tour for 2017 that will link a number of works created over the last few years that explores wood  lathes, flint knapping, silk weaving looms and spinning machines.

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