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Peter Liversidge’s work is driven by an exploration of creativity and the importance of ‘the idea’. Inspired by conceptual art, he creates artworks and performances, often humorous, in a diverserange of media.

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 ...the process is also about the notion of creativity: it’s important that some of theproposals are actually realised, but no moreso that the others that remain only as text on a piece of A4 paper.

After completing his Foundation degree at Carlisle College of Art, Liversidge studied at Plymouth University and Montana University, USA and now lives and works in London.

For the past ten years Liversidge’s works have begun with a proposal; typewritten on A4 paper using an old manual typewriter. These proposals are often site-specific or created for a particular exhibition, and span an array of actions and creations; from the impossible ‘I propose to vanish into thin air’, to the very possible ‘I propose to sit with my sons George and Thomas and eat biscuits’.

Everything is Connected is a realised proposal, originally created for Frieze Sculpture Park 2012, held in the English Gardens in Regents Park, London. In the context of Frieze, a major commercial art fair, the statement sums up the philosophy of contemporary art, referencing the relevance, function and theory of art with regards to the politics of the art market.

Installed in the landscape of YSP alongside significant examples of modern and contemporary sculpture, Liversidge’s proposal explores timeless relationships through art history, referencing both the development of contemporary art, and its eternal connection to nature, philosophy and life.


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On a recent visit with my fellow students from Rotherham College of Art and Technology many of us were inspired by this piece.
John Jones on Peter Liversidge

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