Richard Cramp: Point of View

29.07.06 - 01.12.06
"My practice relies on the spectator’s perception of the situation – our perception being based upon knowledge gained through previous experiences. Using architectural designs I create starting points to a narrative that can be further explored through the imagination of the spectator. Constructions such as doors, corridors and stairs, give the spectator a recognisable form, which they can then perceive as an entrance or exit to a further, unseen space."

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Richard Cramp creates curious objects that intrigue and captivate. Through a manipulated understanding of art historical techniques, the viewer is invited into a series of magical otherworlds and to contemplate alternate realities and perceptual distortions.

Richard’s works are partly technical exercise; a fascination with the realities that can be created by a simple drawn line and which allow the artist to be an architect of fantasy, to create utopian spaces that would not be possible in the real world, with its more mundane laws of physics and planning regulations. In all there is a sense of presence and that belongs to us, the viewer, for Richard designs them for our mental occupation only. They are a blank canvas onto which we subconsciously and consciously project our own imagination. Looking through the window into the threshold of an alternative reality, it is up to us to mentally venture into that space. They are the starting point of unique and personal narratives, like Alice down the rabbit hole, and it is up to us where the open door or stairways may lead.

Richard was awarded the Feiweles Trust Bursary at Yorkshire Sculpture Park for 2005-6. During the residency he has developed his artistic practice to create a new body of work, forming his exhibition Point of View for YSP.


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