Richard Long 1998

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12.06.98 - 06.09.98
Pavilion Gallery and open air
Richard Long works with the landscape to create simple sculptural forms and walks that he records through photographs, texts and maps which are exhibited in the gallery.

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The exhibition was an installation of Six Stone Circles (1981) with a selection of recent photos, texts and maps which revealed the importance of walking throughout Long’s work. An information area which introduced other aspects of the artist’s work, including publications, video and other documentation, was also open to visitors.

Walking is central to Richard Long’s practice. Sometimes a walk itself can form a work, other times the artist will make a sculpture during a walk, which he photographs and displays either in the gallery or through publications. Often temporary in nature, such as when the artist drew with water on rocks, Long’s outdoor works exist in a remote place and are only known to a wider audience through gallery exhibitions.

Six Stone Circles was originally created for a secluded glade in a large private garden. Working outwards from the centre, the artist used slabs of Delabole slate, from a quarry near Tintagel in Cornwall, in six concentric circles. Each stone is subtly different in shape and size creating a juxtaposition of natural and geometric forms which is an important element of Long’s outdoor sculptures.