Rodan Kane Hart

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06.09.13 - 27.09.13
Artist Rodan Kane Hart spent three weeks in the UK in September 2013 as part of the ongoing collaboration between Yorkshire Sculpture Park (UK) and NIROX Foundation (South Africa). Since graduating in 2011 Hart has exhibited regularly across South Africa and been commissioned to undertake projects here and overseas, including a public sculpture commission in the Netherlands.

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As Visiting Artist at YSP, Hart researched and developed temporary interventions in the landscape and a series of drawings in response to the Bretton Estate and its important architectural heritage. Occupied for nearly 1000 years, the Estate is richly layered with human activity that has not only physically shaped the land itself but created a built environment including the 18th-century Mansion House (complete with stables designed by George Basevi), chapel and outbuildings; as well as terraces, bridges, follies and planting schemes.

Hart usually takes the physical shape and experience of cities, particularly Johannesburg and Cape Town, as point of inspiration for his two and three dimensional work, resulting in elegant mastery of line and form. In transplanting his approach to the historical buildings and landscape of YSP, Hart has created an impressive body of drawings and interventions that reveal his unique insight into the environments we construct around and for human life.

Hart’s parallel 2D explorations of aspects of the Bretton Estate, both as diligently observed and executed charcoal and pencil drawings, and as abstract extractions, make for intriguing and fascinating consideration. His linear and mirrored interventions in the landscape responded to, frame and reflect the man-made views and vistas of YSP, sharing Hart’s perspective on the design of the land itself and its relationship with urban centres beyond.

During his time in the UK Hart visited key cultural institutions including Tate Liverpool and Tate Modern, Manchester Art Gallery and the White Chapel Galley in London and met with artists from the YSP network including Tom Price and Molly Smyth.

“YSP provided an environment for me to collate and reflect upon many of my urban experiences of South African and England. I carried these experiences with me, and looked at them in relation to nature. I produced a number of works during my time at the YSP, including a series of charcoal drawings titled,
WEST BRETTON, Landscape & Construction, and a temporary sculptural installation titled Chrome Components in Landscape. It is my hope and intention to revisit the YSP in order to contribute to the cacophony of the YSP history.” Rodan Kane Hart

"NIROX is pleased to join YSP in providing Hart the opportunity to turn his attention to the essential lines and forms underpinning our perception of the structures in the YSP grounds – a long way from his preoccupation with urban South Africa, but revealing his consistent ability to extract the heart of the matter. Hart’s YSP experience will have far-reaching influence; and so too for the other young African artists who will enjoy these benefits as the program unfolds."
Benji Liebmann, NIROX Foundation

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