Shared Horizon

24.04.09 - 19.07.09
Shared Horizon is a programme supported by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation which welcomes and encourages young people seeking asylum, refugees and migrants to participate in creative activities. The exhibition presents a display by a group of fifteen young people seeking asylum in Wakefield, Barnsley and Kirklees and is a celebration of a youth photography project started in October 2008.

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Coming from Afghanistan, Eritrea, Gambia, Kurdistan and Senegal each participant shares the common experience of hoping to rebuild their lives in a foreign land. One of the main aims has been to use photography as a tool to improve language skills, as well as celebrating their own mother tongue.

The photographs have been taken, selected and titled by the young people themselves, using the rich potential of photography in the vast landscape of YSP, this creative activity has enabled those involved to make friends, share experiences, and learn about themselves, each other and the world around them. This display highlights the fact that first and foremost this is a group of young people who, despite their extraordinary pasts, are moving on, looking to the future and hoping to settle in Yorkshire.

The project is funded and supported by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation, Arts Council England, Yorkshire, the Friends of YSP, Artimedia, Bowmans, Kirklees Council, Wakefield Metropolitan District Council, Barnsley Council, Kirklees College, Refugee Council, Cape-UK and Channel 4 Big Art Mobile.


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