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13.03.10 - 03.05.10
STONE is an ambitious, three-year project initiated by Edinburgh College of Art to research techniques of working stone (funded by the AHRC).

Through extensive travel, filmmaking and working with artists and craftsmen internationally, STONE aims to build up an archive of information that might otherwise be lost. This exhibition presents a selection of the resulting objects, documentary films and photographs.

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The project also considers the use of stone in contemporary art practice. During August 2009, the Edinburgh Milestone Carve saw ten contemporary artists from across the world each create a new work using a block of one metre square stone. These sculptures – by Joel Fisher, Hayashi Takeshi, Jess Harrison, Jake Harvey, Carlos Lizaraturry Moro, Gerard Mas, Atsuo Okamoto, Peter Randall-Page, Sibylle Pasche, Daniel Silver and Susanne Specht – will form the open air element of the exhibition.

Jess Harrison is a PhD candidate funded by the STONE project. Her work reinforces emotional pathways between external sensual communications and internal experiences. In stone as well as other materials Jess is a masterful image maker and one of the few who can transform images into sculptural form.