Theremin Bollards

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01.08.14 - 03.08.14
Bothy Gallery
Theremin Bollards are accessible and innovative sound sculptures designed for music-making without the need for technical skill that offer an experience for spontaneous and improvisational performance.

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All ages and abilities are invited to drop-in at the Bothy Gallery between 1-3 August to explore how these amazing instruments produce a rich tapestry of expressive sound through movement. You don’t need to know music to play them, just move.

Digital Earth, based in York, have been collaborating for four years on many music-related projects. Theremin Bollards creator David Young is the founder of Digital Sun Media and is a visiting lecturer at York St John University. Find out more

Over the weekend visitors can drop in to the following free associated events

Bothy Lab: First Fridays – Theremin Bollards

01.08.14 / 15.00–19.00 / free / drop-in
Drop in and meet Theremin Bollards creator David Young. Find out more about his wonderful sound sculptures and take part in your own improvisational performances on the evening.

Theremin Bollards Presents 
03.08.14 / 12.00–17.00 / free / drop-in
Bridging the gap between audience and musician, drop in all afternoon and perform with professional musicians and the Theremin Bollards. From noon, join musicians Vanessa Simmons, Kris Klavenes and Dub Barn collective, who will provide the backing music for you to take part in your own open-air performance using the Theremin Bollards.


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