Vivify: People/ Landscape / Sculpture

01.01.14 - 31.12.14
YSP Learning
Vivify: People | Landscape | Sculpture is a series of ongoing projects within YSP’s Arts and Health programme. It is supported by Creative Minds within the South West Yorkshire NHS Partnership Foundation Trust and the Liz and Terry Bramall Foundation.

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Vivify engages with people accessing Wakefield Older People Services experiencing mental health difficulties. It is an opportunity for individuals who would not normally take part in cultural and outdoor activities to enjoy hands-on art workshops inspired by the art and landscape of YSP.

Through a structure of regular interactions in a safe, relaxed environment Vivify aims to reduce isolation, engender a sense of ownership of the Park and a sense of belonging to the social group.

The artworks on display celebrate the journey undertaken by the group and consider the theme of home.

“A safe place was created where people felt comfortable in themselves and with others. A place where they could take risks and be creative. Somewhere that confidence would grow. This is not just a physical space, a room; it had to be how we all related to each other.” Gary Cromack, Education Coordinator, Vivify

Vivify was underpinned by an exchange of training between care professionals and artists, alongside the development of personalised resources, which act as a catalyst for continued engagement beyond the project.

Vivify was jointly developed and delivered by Gary Cromack, Education Coordinator, YSP; artist Liadin Cooke; South West Yorkshire NHS Partnership Foundation Trust and Yorkshire Sculpture Park.


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