William Turnbull at 90

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Arrowhead Torso A,1979 Image 2 of 4
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01.07.12 - 16.12.12
A new display in the Formal Garden presents the work of William Turnbull (1922–2012), a key figure in British art and a member of the groundbreaking Independent Group.

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The display celebrated the artist's 90th year and follows the major retrospective at YSP in 2005. Turnbull's diverse work ranges from boldly coloured Minimalist forms to an elegant, pared-back classicism exploring figures, totems, horses and masks. His characteristically still and silent forms are often incised with lines in shallow relief, reflecting an interest in calligraphy and recalling the mystery of ancient, sacred or tribal objects.

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I love his work. The art looks very good and beautiful colour he has used
rosie peel on William Turnbull at 90 | See all (2) comments
Really enjoyed the work of William Turnbull, who died today. Dee Wilson on William Turnbull at 90

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