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24.06.04 - 01.11.14
Since their artistic collaboration began in 1992, Winter/Hörbelt have developed many sculptures that are also structures where people can meet.

Basket #7. Oxley Bank, a two-storey steel pavilion on a high ridge of the Longside valley, provided shelter, rest and spectacular views across the landscape.

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The Bretton Estate was designed to incorporate a series of viewing points and follies, only a few of which remain. Winter/Hörbelt took this historical precedent and at the same time opened up a stunning walking route to Longside Gallery. Constructed from double-layered steel mesh, from a distance Basket #7. Oxley Bank appeared to be alternately solid and semi-transparent: from inside looking out it both offers and slightly obscures the view, and becomes a place for reflection and rest.

Basket #7. Oxley Bank is so called because it had been erected previously in six places around the world and remained at YSP on loan after the Winter/Hörbelt Longside exhibition of 2004.

The artists have completed many commissions internationally, including works for the 1997 Münster Sculpture Project, Germany and the 1999 Venice Biennale.



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Fantastic work! Grettings from Bosnia and Hercegovina! :D
Maja on WinterHörbelt | See all (3) comments
Although we use words to express feelings they seldom capture its extraordinary essence. This is true of this very tangible installation, which quite literally makes you hold your breath at times - and of course the panoramic view! Peter Mathews on WinterHörbelt
I miss Basket #7 from the top of Oxley Bank a great deal... when walking up the Steps and through the woods sight of the Basket was almost like emerging into a surreal world, as if the whole structure had been deposited from a parallel dimension... an amazing presence in the landscape. Stephen Ripley on WinterHörbelt

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