Antony Gormley: One & Other (2000)

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Antony Gormley's work is usually based on casts of his own body. His most famous sculpture is the monumental Angel of the North sited near the A1 in Gateshead. Gormley uses this familiar human form to communicate with as many people as possible.

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Antony Gormley was born in London in 1950 and read archaeology, anthropology and art history at Trinity College, Cambridge. After spending three years in India he returned to London and continued studying art at Goldsmiths College, then the Slade School of Art. His work has been exhibited across the world and he has had major solo exhibitions at the Whitechapel, Tate and the Hayward.

Gormley’s work is usually based on casts of his own body in an investigation into the body ‘as a place of memory and transformation’. He is known for his public sculpture and his most famous works  include the monumental Angel of the North (1998) sited near the A1 in Gateshead, Another Place on Crosby Beach, Merseyside and his 2009 public project for the forth plinth in Trafalgar Square, also titled One and Other.


Gormley believes that art must be capable of many things: of making the onlooker aware of their surroundiings, of themselves and of their own existence, as well as to consider the work as a sculptural object.

One and Other reflects Gormley's individual concerns with isolation and claustrophobia, but the figure has lost any distinct features and, as such, represents the universal.


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