Leo Fitzmaurice: Sometimes the Things You Touch Come True

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31.03.07 - 24.06.07
Commercial packaging is the starting point for Leo Fitzmaurice’s work. Cutting away all logos and text from packets, bags and boxes, he removes visual ‘noise’ so that we consider what the products once signified and how they have changed.

The packages appear like fabulous modernist buildings, and placed together they form a miniature cityscape. For this installation, Fitzmaurice also scavenges the discarded cardboard texts and makes a shantytown on the periphery of the city.

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A background buzz from radios breathes uncertain life into this metropolis and references the nearby Emley Moor transmitter mast.

Other works include stacked brochures that form miniature landscapes, and altered film posters. In subverting and redefining commonplace visual signs and symbols and in manipulating our inherent sense of scale, Fitzmaurice invites us, as consumers, to consider these changed objects as things in themselves. 


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