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Manus and the Running Dogs, 1987
Donated by Eric and Jean Cass through the Contemporary Art Society, 2012
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Sophie Ryder's association with YSP began in 1986 during her residency, immediately after graduating from the RA Schools. In 2008 YSP held a major exhibition of her work at Longside Gallery and in the open air, after two important pieces were kindly offered on long term loan.

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"I sculpt characters and beings - the dogs, the hares, the minotaurs - are all characters beyond animal form. I am not interested in making a replica. If you would put a real hare next to one of mine you would see great differences" – Sophie Ryder

Sophie Ryder was born in London, England, in 1963. During her childhood, her French mother would take the family to spend entire summers in Provence. She studied Combined Arts at the Royal Academy of Arts where, while obtaining her diploma in painting, she was encouraged by fellow artist to develop her sculpture.

Ryder’s work includes human, animal and mythological figures, frequently melding forms to combine the attitudes and instincts of each. Anthropomorphic characters are used both to explore the human condition and as a metaphor for Ryder’s own feelings. Over several years she has evolved an ongoing narrative around the female / mother figure of the Lady-Hare; a hybrid with the head of a hare, and its body modelled on Ryder’s own. These sculptures have the potential to forge powerful images charged with character and emotion which go well beyond representation. Two examples of her Lady-Hare, Sitting, 2007 and Crawling, 1999 can both be found in Lower Park, by the Cameliia House.



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Sophe Ryder's exhibits, especially 'Crawling', are the best and most memoranble at Yorkshire Sculpture Park. (Viewed in August 2012)
Linda Wilson on Sophie Ryder | See all (4) comments
Love Sophie Ryder's work Ellie on Sophie Ryder
She is awesome Bethany on Sophie Ryder
Enjoyed Sophie Ryder's work more than anything else at YSP! Katrina Bushell on Sophie Ryder

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