Treasures Revealed: From the National Arts Education Archive

Bob and Roberta Smith, Art Makes Children Powerful, 2015. Image 1 of 2
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Bob and Roberta Smith at the NAEA. Photo © Jon Harrison Image 2 of 2
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15.04.17 - 03.09.17
In celebration of YSP's 40th anniversary in 2017, artists, supporters and volunteers have chosen 40 inspirational objects, collections and ideas from the National Arts Education Archive (NAEA).

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“The NAEA is one of the great repositories of material relating to the development of the arts in the post war era. It’s also a place of hope! To look through the material and understand the competing initiatives and investigations by artists and teachers in that period is to recharge one’s batteries.” Bob and Roberta Smith

Treasures Revealed includes selections by art critic Mark Hudson; YSP Executive Director Peter Murray, CBE; artist Hester Reeve; and artist and agitator Bob and Roberta Smith.

Smith has also created a site-specific text installation, All Schools Should be Art Schools in the open air next to YSP Learning. Inspired by the holdings of the NAEA and YSP’s continued commitment to the case for creativity in education, the work is a bright, colourful, statement of inspirational intent. 

Six visitors are also invited to select one object from the collection to be added throughout the exhibition. To express interest in selecting an item from the NAEA please email Damon Waldock

Visit the Treasures Revealed blog to find out more about each selection.