Rebecca Chesney Exhibition Guide £2.00

Rebecca Chesney Exhibition Guide

  • Published by YSP to coincide with Rebecca Chesney: Diligent Observation. A year of bees on the Bretton Estate
  • Project supported by The Co-operative Membership
  • An introduction by Helen Pheby and texts by Michaela Crimmin, Rebecca Chesney and an interview with the artist by Adrianne Neil
  • ISBN: 978-1-871480-88-7
  • 32 page, full colour with tracing paper and colour inlays

Rebecca Chesney explores and reveals changing environments and the impact of human activity, often creating installations that not only capture a sense of wonder in the natural world but also the inescapable struggle between survival and death. Chesney’s project demonstrates YSP’s unique ability to provide a landscape for art, in this case as a laboratory in which to research and develop new work.

The exhibition maps the landscape of the Bretton Estate in relation to its populations of bees and wildflowers and includes drawings based on the sounds of bees and their hives, dead plant and animal specimens and a conceptual work for an extensive landscape intervention created with bee-friendly plants.